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“Whiteman Woylie” Environmental Education Programs

Open your mind to the many wonders nature has to offer.

Whiteman Park’s environmental education programs offer students a unique opportunity to learn about the natural environment, conservation, groundwater, our native fauna, various ecosystems and much more through creative, interactive and engaging activities. Each program has been designed specifically for the intended age group, and focuses on different aspects of the environment.

Our environment programs are delivered amongst Whiteman Park’s natural bushland by knowledgeable presenters and aim to provide students with a true environmental experience which would not be possible in a normal classroom setting.


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Bushland Friends

Meet our amazing Australian Animals

Meet some of our unique and incredible native animals and learn about what is essential for these animals to survive in the Australian bush. Students will go on an adventure to the Children’s Forest, learning about the importance of looking after the natural environment for the survival of all our wildlife.

  • Suitable for Pre-Primary
  • Cost is $6.00 per child
  • Available Monday to Friday

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Bushland Discovery

What secrets does the Australian Bush hold?

Discover some of the hidden secrets of the flora and fauna found within Whiteman Park. Students will meet some of our amazing Australian native animals and learn about the distinctive features that assist in their survival in the Australian bush. Learn about the unique native plants that we have here at Whiteman Park and how they have adapted to survive in our harsh and dry conditions.

  • Suitable for Years 1 to 2
  • Cost is $6.00 per child
  • Available Monday to Friday

Bushland Discovery - curriculum links

Furry Friends to Explosive Seed Pods

Our wonderful Australian Bush!

Exploring the Children’s Forest and nearby Mussel Pool, students will investigate the relationship between plants and animals and the dependency that they have for one another. Examining the different life cycles and characteristics of our unique Australian plants and animals, students will get to recognise and group characteristics of these amazing creatures.

  • Suitable for Years 3 to 4
  • Cost is $6.00 per child
  • Available Monday to Friday

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Mighty Macroinvertebrates

Delve into the world of macroinvertebrates!

Students will study the features of the tiny creatures that live in our waterways and discover why they are such an important part of our ecosystem. Exploring the ecosystem of Mussel Pool, they will also see why water conservation is critical for the survival of macroinvertebrates.

  • Suitable for Years 3 to 6
  • Cost is $6.00 per child
  • Available Monday to Friday

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Conservation Crisis

Battles in the bushland!

Learn about the dieback crisis that is plaguing our native bushland. Students will identify a range of native plants that are found within the protected habitats of ‘Woodland Reserve’ and learn about the dieback pathogen that is killing some species. Students will see a demonstration of phosphate injection – a treatment to help protect trees and prevent dieback spread. Includes a tour of Woodland Reserve.

  • Suitable for Year 5 and 6
  • Cost is $6.00 per child
  • Available Monday to Friday

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Snakes Alive - Years K to 12

Cold blooded capers.

Australia has a fascinating array of reptiles… and a lot of slithery snakes! Students will get to see an amazing variety of Western Australian lizards, pythons and snakes up close and learn about snake bite first aid. They will even have an opportunity to handle a live snake – if they dare!

  • Suitable for Years K to 12
  • Cost is $8.75 per child (min. 20 students) or $7.50 per child (25+ students)
  • Available Monday to Friday
  • Not curriculum linked