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Government of Western Australia Whiteman Park

We want all our visitors to have a wonderful time at Whiteman Park whilst preserving the environment for future generations.

Please protect and enjoy Whiteman Park by following these simple guidelines below.

General Terms & Conditions General T&Cs
  1. Your dog is welcome in the Park but must remain on a lead at all times except when within the Dog Park. Please make use of the doggie bags provided and dispose of your dogs waste in the red general waste bins.
  2. Our public access roads are subject to the Traffic Act. Please observe all traffic signs, particularly at tram and train crossings.
  3. For the welfare of our native wildlife, please do not feed them. Feeding birds and animals human food can make them sick, affect their habitats (such as feeding bread, which can cause algal blooms) and often results in pest-like behaviours which can in turn result in injuries to yourself or fellow Park visitors. Please let them remain wild and feed themselves.
  4. Water games are not permitted, both for the mess they can leave and to save our precious water resources. Did you know that Whiteman Park sits over the southern portion of the Gnangara Water Mound, an important water drinking source for Perth?
  5. Please be mindful of other visitors when playing ball games. Only tennis balls may be used to play cricket.
  6. In accordance with local laws and Park policy, hoverboards, motorised minibikes and drones are not permitted within the Park.
  7. Smoking is not permitted within six (6) metres of buildings and ten (10) metres of playgrounds. In addition, smoking is not allowed anywhere in Pia's Place or the Dog Park. Please dispose of cigarette butts responsibly.
  8. For hygiene reasons, disposable nappies should be removed from the Park. Nappy bins are located in the Parent's Room at the Visitor Information Centre, at the toilets at Revolutions Transport Museum and those Pia's Place.
  9. Domestic animals are not permitted within Whiteman Park, with the exception of dogs (on leads) without prior, written consent from Park management.
  10. Finally, help us by taking your rubbish home with you.

Effective 1 January 2021, the following items will also not be permitted within Whiteman Park:

  • Balloons - read more about this here
  • Glitter confetti (basically anything made of plastic)
  • Pop-up marquees (low shade domes are still ok!)
  • Portable barbeques