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Government of Western Australia Whiteman Park
The Park is a biodiversity hotspot, providing habitat for a range of native fauna species and acting an important haven for migratory birds.

The conservation area of the Park encompasses essential breeding and feeding habitats for these itinerant species as well as a natural area within the surrounding urban environment where mammals, birds and reptiles can thrive.

The Park is a refuge for:

  • three native fish species
  • nine amphibian species, including the clicking and the motorbike frogs
  • 16 mammal species, such as the elusive short-beaked echidna and the Critically Endangered woylie
  • 38 reptile species, from the king skink to the long necked turtle
  • 118 bird species, including the wedge-tailed eagle from which the Park takes its logo
  • and hundreds of invertebrate species.