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Government of Western Australia Whiteman Park

Whether it’s a short walk, long ride or gentle stroll – there’s nothing quite like exploring in the fresh air of Whiteman Park.

We have an extensive network of shared use walk and cycle paths that will take you to or through many of the Park’s unique attractions. You may even come across some grazing kangaroos and other native animals on some of the quieter bush paths.

Here are some guidelines that will help make your walk or ride at Whiteman Park more enjoyable:

  1. Please remain on designated paths at all times and leave gates as you find them.
  2. Remember to take plenty of water with you.
  3. If riding, helmets are required by law and normal road rules apply within the Park’s boundaries.
  4. All paths are dual use. As such, pedestrians have right of way and speed should be kept to minimum when riding. Cyclists, please use your bell when approaching pedestrians.
  5. Be wary wherever paths run through bush areas, in case you encounter some of the Park’s wildlife.
  6. On higher fire danger days, or if taking young or inexperienced riders on bush paths, please register your ride (or walk) at the Visitor Information Centre. You can also register via mobile phone to 9209 6000.
  7. It is important that you report accidents, hazards and/or suspicious behaviour or fire to 9209 6000. Thank you.
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