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The Children’s Forest

The Children’s Forest is an initiative of Men of the Trees, a community forest set in the heart of Whiteman Park, to which all may belong and contribute.

Located between the Whiteman Park Village and Mussel Pool, the Children’s Forest evolved as an area where parents and relatives could celebrate the birth of young ones in their families by contributing to the planting of a ‘forest’.

The vision was to create an area with conservational values for the enjoyment and appreciation of children as they grow. The Children’s Forest has become this and more since the first stage was planted in 2001.

What will you find?

A meandering path weaves its way through each ‘stage’ of the forest. These stages represent the annual plantings by children and their families during a community planting day, held in the cool, winter months.

The forest provides an excellent showcase of plants local to the Park, which may be enjoyed by young and old in this peaceful bushland setting.

A number of artworks can be spied along the forest journey, enhancing the bushland theme and catching the attention of even the smallest visitor.

A native wisteria walk of Hardenbergia comptoniana and a man-made dry creek bed are just some of the features of this rehabilitated woodland, which is a testament to hundreds of youngsters who have contributed to its formation over the years.