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Saturday, October 16, 2021


10:00am - 3:00pm


Free entry


Village West

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Sustainability and conservation are in focus at EnviroFEST 2021, Whiteman Park’s flagship public conservation event.

Learn about ways to improve your sustainability in the home and connect with environmental conservation in and around our city.

You'll get to do some hands-on learning at our sustainability workshops, learn about some important conservation topics in our short talks, pick up an array of eco-friendly products and discover community engagement opportunities to help you embrace sustainable living.

EnviroFEST 2021 will emphasise wildlife protection: come along to see some of our local native wildlife up close, find out what you can do at home to help them and how you can support the conservation groups working to protect various species.

The kids won’t miss out either, with a dedicated Kids Eco Zone of talks and activities. They’ll also enjoy loads of eco-crafts, free face painting, a Children’s Forest trail with the bush fairies and much more!

Whiteman Park Enviro FEST 07 kids are introduced to the numbat at Project Numbat
Whiteman Park Enviro FEST 08 s1200x628
Whiteman Park Enviro FEST 15 meeting reptiles WE Bjpg

For further information or to register please contact:

Whiteman Park events
Phone: 08 9209 6000
Email: [email protected]