Horse Swamp

Horse Swamp is a natural wetland area that comes to life in the winter months, but is usually dry for the greater portion of the year.

In the past, when horses in the Swan Valley region went missing, they were commonly found roaming in the lush pastures surrounding this wetland on the southern edge of what is now Whiteman Park. The area hence became known as Horse Swamp.

When we experience wetter winters, the Swamp waters may overflow, filling the tributaries which lead to Mussel Pool.

During these months, the area is alive with water birds, including a pair of black swans which annually visit the Park to raise their cygnets. Nests are constructed upon the man-made islands, which provide much needed refuge from predators for these birds and their young.

The Werillyiup bush trail skirts the edges of Horse Swamp, allowing spectacular 360° views of the wetland.