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Bennett Brook

Bennett Brook, the life stream of Whiteman Park.

Bennett Brook originates in Whiteman Park as a superficial groundwater aquifer. Rains fill the aquifer, causing it to rise and fill the wetlands during the winter months.

The Brook flows through Mussel Pool and runs south to join the Swan River at Bassendean. Major plants include the flooded gum (Eucalyptus rudis), swamp paperbark (Melaleuca rhaphiophylla) and many different types of native sedges and rushes.

It is also a special habitat for many animals including small fish, tortoises, mussels, small freshwater crustaceans and tiny macro-invertebrates. A population of quenda (southern brown bandicoots) reside on the Brook banks, relishing the density of the Brook vegetation.

The native water rat (Hydromys chysogaster) has also been spotted on the banks of Bennett Brook. It is distinguishable from the common brown rat (Rattus rattus) by its broad face and long, thick, white-tipped tail. These amphibious mammals are good indicators of wetland and riverine health, so their presence along the Brook and Mussel Pool is a positive sign.

The Brook typically flows from early August until early November, depending on seasonal conditions.

The Goo-Loorto bush trail offers the best look at Bennett Brook close-up.