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Government Authorities

During the 1970s, the Western Australian Planning Commission (formerly known as the Metropolitan Region Planning Authority) acquired most of the lands that now constitute Whiteman Park.

The Department of Planning is tasked with the operational management of Whiteman Park on behalf of the Western Australian Planning Commission.

Western Australian Planning Commission

WAPC_4colThe Western Australian Planning Commission (WAPC) is the statutory authority with state-wide responsibilities for urban, rural and regional land use planning and land development matters. The WAPC responds to the strategic direction of government and is responsible for the strategic planning of the State. 

Department of Planning

logo__planning--crestThe Department of Planning (DoP) has state-wide responsibility for the planning for future communities. The department plays a vital role in improving the quality of life of all Western Australians. DoP plan the cities and towns in which we live and the transport routes that connect us to our jobs, friends and places of recreation. The Department generates thousands of direct and indirect jobs through the planning approval process.