EnviroFEST Application Form

Whiteman Park / EnviroFEST Application Form

Are you interested in exhibiting at EnviroFEST 2018? Please read the exhibitor information kit, then complete the form below to apply.

Alternatively, you can download a pdf application form and email it to us. The pdf application form is interactive, so there’s no need to print it!

EnviroFEST 2018 Application Form

Exhibitor application form for EnviroFEST 2018.
  • Your group, business or organisation name. This will be used as your Exhibitor (or 'trading') Name at the event. For example, "Whiteman Park".
  • Contact details

  • Your contact person's email address.
  • Organisation details

  • Include your organisation's web address for linking in the event exhibitor list.
  • Include your organisation's social media URL. Only one can be linked, so choose your preferred platform.
  • Exhibit details

  • Please provide a full description of the product/ service you wish to sell or show at the event. Photographs may be supplied to assist with the application.
  • Food vendors

    Are you a:
    Please indicate which side of your truck/trailer that you serve from.
  • Site Hire and Costs

    The fees below relate to commercial exhibitors hire rates. There is no cost to NFPs who provide proof of NFP status. NFPs should still utilise the fields below, or equipment will not be provided.
  • Limited powered sites are available. If you request power, you will be contacted to determine what the power is required for and the proposed use.
  • Price: $ 2.00 Quantity:
    Chair, white
  • Price: $ 22.00 Quantity:
    Display board
    Marquee, white
  • Price: $ 11.00 Quantity:
    Table, 1800mm*900mm
  • Price: $ 8.00 Quantity:
    Table cloth, black
  • Price: $ 0.00 Quantity:
  • $ 0.00
  • Not-for-Profit Declaration

  • NFPs are required to provide proof of NFP status. We also require the following declaration to be included in your application. Please copy and paste the declaration below, with relevant information included.

    Declaration for NFPs
    I certify that (insert NFP name) is a not‐for‐profit organisation. Assets possessed by the organisation are used for the benefit of the organisation’s operation and profits generated by the organisation are used to fund the operation. Assets and funds are not distributed to members. (insert name and title)

  • Complete your application

  • Drop files here or
    Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, png, doc, docx, xls, xlsx.
    Use this to upload your certificate of currency, photos, food vendor registration docs, food menu (for food vendors) etc. Accepted file types: jpg, pdf, png, doc, docx, xls, xlsx (max. 5 docs)
  • In signing this application form, I (insert your name above as an electronic signature) acknowledge that I am an authorised representative of the organisation applying and that all representatives will abide by the terms and conditions outlined in the Event Application Kit and subsequent Event Manual.