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Environmental Programs

"Whiteman Wallaby" Environmental Education Programs

Open your mind to the many wonders nature has to offer.

Whiteman Park’s Environmental Education Programs offer students a unique opportunity to learn about the natural environment, conservation, groundwater, various ecosystems and much more through creative, interactive and engaging activities. Each program has been designed specifically for the intended age group, and focuses on different aspects of the environment.

The Environmental Education Programs are delivered amongst Whiteman Park's natural bushland by knowledgeable presenters and aim to provide students with a true environmental experience which would not be possible in a normal classroom setting.  

"WHITEMAN WALLABY" Education Programs

Growing Brilliantly with BOB
Encounter the magic of the Children’s Forest as you are taken on a wonderful adventure deep into the heart of this special place. Meet the ‘Boy of the Bush’, learn about the elements which make up the Forest, and discover the importance of caring for the natural environment.
> Suitable for Years K – 2 (can be tailored to suit other year groups) 
Botanical BOB
Enjoy the spectacular beauty of Whiteman Park’s natural environment, and learn about the importance of conservation. Understand that there are many different ecosystems which support various plant and animal life.
> Suitable for Years 3 & 4 (can be tailored to suit other year groups)

BOB's Bush Treasure
Learn about the native flora and fauna at Whiteman Park, and the important role the Park plays as a conservation reserve. Explore conservation, and what you can do to help take care of the environment. Follow the clues and answer the riddles to find the treasure hidden in the Children’s Forest.
> Suitable for Years 5 – 7 (can be tailored to suit other year groups)  

Mighty Macroinvertebrates
Delve into the amazing world of macroinvertebrates. Study the features of these tiny creatures and discover why they are such an important part of our ecosystem. Learn about how water conservation is critical for the survival of macroinvertebrates.
> Suitable for Years 4 – 7

Racing Rapid Raptors
Get up close and personal with some fascinating raptors, and participate in interactive raptor themed activities. Explore food chains, and learn about the conservation and rehabilitation of these wonderful creatures.
> Suitable for Years K – 7

Flying High
Years K – 7. Our unique Birds of Prey Flying Display is the only place in Perth where your students can be inspired and amazed by nature’s top predators - owls, kites, falcons and hawks - as they fly around in their natural environment. A 45-minute show aimed at introducing students to the conservation needs of our birds of prey.
> Suitable for Years K – 7

Snakes Alive
Understand and observe the amazing variety of reptiles that live in Western Australia and handle a live snake if you dare!
> Suitable for Years K – 12