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Attractions at the Park

Whiteman Park reserves the right to alter its attractions without prior notice. During the official fire season certain attractions will not operate if the Fire Danger Index is 40 or above.

Woodland Reserve

Opening Hours: Tours available Friday night - see 'Events'
Entrance Fees: Tours: Adults $10.00, Children $7.00, Family (2A+2C) $30.00
Location: Village, car park 5a
Phone: 9209 6000

Woodland Reserve is Whiteman Park’s premier conservation program, providing a world class breeding facility for rare and endangered fauna of the state, including the critically endangered woylie.

Encompassing over 50 hectares of natural and rehabilitated woodlands, Woodland Reserve is a specially designed, electrified predator-proof facility located to the north of the Park’s Village precinct.

The Reserve is home to the critically endangered woylie (brush-tailed bettong or Bettongia penicillata), quenda (southern brown bandicoot or Isoodon obesulus) and short-beaked echidna (Tachyglossus aculeatus), plus a number of species of lizards, owls, micro bats, snakes, falcons, skinks, eagles, hawks, honeyeaters, ducks and more.

Visitors to the Reserve will encounter heathlands, melaleuca damplands and banksia woodlands - all of which are important habitats for the fauna of the Swan Coastal Plain and thus, the Reserve.

For tour dates, see the 'Events' listing, or for more information about the Reserve, see the 'Conservation Reserve' page.

Photo courtesy of  Houndstooth Studio.