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Attractions at the Park

Whiteman Park reserves the right to alter its attractions without prior notice. During the official fire season certain attractions will not operate if the Fire Danger Index is 40 or above.

Birds of Prey Flying Display

Opening Hours: By appointment.
Birds of Prey EXPERIENCE dates below.
Entrance Fees: Adults $10.00
Concession $8.00
Children $6.00
Location: Mussel Pool West - Car park 26 or 27
Phone: 0438 388 383

The Birds of Prey Flying Display, operated by the Western Australian Birds of Prey Centre, is a fantastic opportunity to get up close and personal to some of nature’s top predators – including eagles, falcons, kites and owls.

This unique and informative display focuses on the conservation and environmental issues facing these predatory birds, whilst giving you the opportunity to watch them swoop, soar and amaze!

The Birds of Prey Flying Displays are conducted with the approval of, and under license from the Department of Environment and Conservation, Western Australia.

To book your group in for a show, please contact the Bookings Officer on 9209 6000.


Western Australia Birds of Prey Centre

The Western Australian Birds of Prey Centre (WABOPC) was established in May 2005 and is still flying high today with their business goal of education through entertainment.

The centre focuses on education, conservation and rehabilitation of birds of prey, using the Birds of Prey Flying Displays at Whiteman Park, static displays, experience days and the new West Coast Eagles venture with Auzzie the Wedge-tailed Eagle to better educate the public.

Yvonne Sitko, owner and operator of WABOPC, has been actively caring for sick, injured & orphaned birds of prey since 2000. Her main priority is to return them to the wild as quickly as possible, giving them a second chance at life.

If you find any injured, orphaned or sick birds of prey, please contact Yvonne on 0438 388 383.


Auzzie the Wedge-tailed Eagle

Auzzie was born in October 2006 in Alice Springs, Northern Territory.

At just days old, Auzzie was taken from the nest to be kept as a ‘pet' in Alice Springs. Authorities intervened* and Auzzie was handed to a local wildlife carer in the Northern Territory to be assessed, in the hope she could be returned to the wild.

In November 2006, Auzzie was sent to Yvonne at the Western Australian Birds of Prey Centre to be further assessed and cared for. It was deemed that Auzzie had been imprinted and hence would be unlikely to survive on her own in the wild. She has spent all her life in captivity, surrounded by humans. While she does relate to people as her extended ‘family’, this is an exception - in the wild, these birds, as with any other wildlife, should not be approached.

Auzzie has made her home at Whiteman Park, and is now the most well-known member of the Birds of Prey team at the display arena here. She certainly has an impact on everyone she meets - as a female Wedge-tailed Eagle, or Aquila audax, she is the largest of the Australian raptors, and second largest of the ‘true eagles' of the world.

Auzzie has also become an ambassador for the conservational issues of birds of prey and all native fauna, as her profile with the West Coast Eagles soars.

*It is illegal to take wildlife from its natural environment in Australia without having prior permission from relevant authorities.